Friday, October 17, 2008

Make the Best of Bad Video

# 1008

There are four things that can happen when you videotape a performance.

1. Great performance, great recording
2. Bad performance, great recording
3. Great performance, great video, bad audio
4. Great performance, bad video, great audio

Let's talk about #3 & #4. There is something good that can come from these two huge blunders. If you have a great performance but the video is really dark, out of focus or just plain bad, rewind the tape and listen to it again with your eyes closed. Can you hear the jokes? The laughs? Is there a good mix between you and the audience? If the answer is yes, then you may have a great .mp3 audio clip to add to your website.

Maybe you have a tape with great looking video but either there is too much background noise or you just can't understand a word you're saying for a variety of reasons. Good news. Why not take a few screen captures during your performance and you now have some great looking photos of you actually performing. Depending on how good the video is, you may end up with some amazing photos.

As always, best of luck! - Tom